Tentative Schedule


July 6th arrival groups
18 h Dinner
20 h Evening activity: Welcome who is who
July 7th  
08 h breakfast
09 h warm up all together
10 h

forming workshop groups - check out the venue

daily: introduction through tools of drama into the topic or the already worked out points
exploring the worked out points, research.

12 h Lunch & free time
14 h

daily: playfull access back to the topic
reflexion of the worked out products in the whole or in small groups
Working with the result of the reflexion process
Playfull ending of the session

18 h Dinner
20 h Evening activity: Rehearsals, Games, Outdoor, Freetime - whatever :-)
23 h Bedtime
all days see July 7th
8th national evening
9th market place
11th siteseeing trip
12th skill workshops & presentation of same
17th final rehearsals
18th final performance in Schaffhausen & goodbye party!
19th departure

stiftung fuer eidg zusammenarbeit