EDERED - Europäisches Theatertreffen für Kinder und Jugendliche

Der Zentralverband Schweizer Volkstheater ist Mitglied bei EDERED (European Drama Encounter Recontres Européennes de Drama), eine Non-Profti Organisation unter dem Dach des Europarates Strassburg. Momentan sind ca. 19 Länder EDERED angeschlossen und jeweils ein Land organisiert ein Kinder- und/oder Jugendtheatertreffen pro Jahr.

Das nächste EDERED Treffen findet im August 2021 in Osijek (Kroatien) statt. Wir suchen noch Teilnehmer im Alter zwischen 18 - 22 Jahre. Informationen bekommst du bei Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Der ZSV war Organisator des EDERED Treffen 2015. Untenstehend und im Menü rechts findest du Impressionen wie es an einem EDERED Treffen so läuft.

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Schön war der Encounter 2015 in Rüdlingen! Als Erinnerung an das tolle Projekt findet ihr untenstehend die Informationen über den Schweizer Encounter!

Switzerland is proud and happy that we were able to host the

10th EDERED Youth Encounter

6th to 19th July 2015

We all have different eyes. What do we see when we look each other into the eyes? What colours do they have? What colours are my eyes? What colours do the others see in them? What secrets do they hide? What do we want to reveal? What do we want to have revealed? How deep can we see? How deep do we want to be seen?

An intercultural encounter of young people of 15 – 17 years, divided by their differences in cultures, languages, individualities – by the colours of their eyes. And united in being Europeans, being world citizens, in the love for the theatre and for expressing themselves on stage – they all have eyes to see...!

We wanted to explore the perspective of young people originating from different countries in Europe to exchange knowledge and the understanding for our fellow human beings and other cultures. What is happening in Europe currently? Why? What can we change that it will be better / different in future? How do you see Europe through your eyes? What is the place / the role of Switzerland in Europe?

EDERED = European Drama Encounter / Rencontre Européen du Drame exist since 1985 and originated from an initiative of the Council of Europe.

Young adults from different countries all over Europe met for two weeks in an intensive inter-cultural drama workshop programme and planned social activities. They were guided by professional workshop leaders from the same countries and the encounter culminated in a final public presentation in Schaffhausen on the 18th of July 2015.

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This participant Countries in 2015:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,
Germany/Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Open Your Eyes

The Song as sheet music.

ZSV The Zentralverband Schweizer Volkstheater has the patronage of EDERED Switzerland. It is the association of amateur theatre in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

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